Biotechnologist, composer, and speculative fiction writer


BSFA Longlisted and Eligible for Hugo, Nebula, and Astounding available to read or listen at Podcastle!

This is a deep, contemplative, and quietly moving story that explores how we react to, and are shaped by, both the lives and deaths of the people we love. Uniquely imagined and wonderfully human.

-Maria Haskins, Curious Fictions

“[…the piece is] wrenching, complicated. The truth about the music, about the spirits, isn’t simple, isn’t able to be distilled into a right or wrong. It’s just people being people, imperfect but beautiful. 

Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

What a lovely story!

-Alex Brown, Tor’s Must Read Short Fiction, August 2020

About Me

Sid is a biotech engineer and writer. He has composed music for short films and as soundtracks for his stories. When not making medicine or writing, he’s build-testing recipes for a five-course vegetarian dinner and listening to progressive rock. He attended Viable Paradise in 2019 and lives with his wife, Marisa, and their treeing walker hound, Edith, in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park.


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